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Top 10 Best Affordable Automatic Watches For Men 

Automatic Watches

Automatic watches for men mark an important area of men’s jewelry. The reason is that they look fantastic and stylish when serving a definite purpose. An automatic watch is also referred to as a self-winding watch. Chiefly, it is a watch whose mainspring wounds naturally due to the wearer’s natural motion. As such, it does not need manual wounding but uses this proposal experienced from the wearer’s hand. Due to this unique feature, automatic watches do not use batteries. Unlike other watches, this type is usually more expensive. However, what many men do not know is that there are many affordable automatic watches out there.

With a variety of materials, colors, designs, and styles to choose from, it is easier for men to make right decisions. You can browse between leather, rubber, ceramic, steel and other materials to pick what is best for day-to-day use. You can think about traditional shades like brown, navy, black or bold hues. Consider gold, silver or pick the stainless steel hardware. To make the excellent purchase, choose the options from Bulova and TAG Heuer.

Here’s our review of affordable automatic watches for men in 2017:

10. Invicta 9094 Pro Diver

The Invicta 9094 Pro Diver Collection Stainless Steel Automatic Dress Watch

This Invicta Men’s 9094 Pro Diver Automatic Watch is a perfect selection for watch enthusiasts who admire best stylish watches. This watch has a stainless steel bracelet which has a safety closure and fold-over clasp.
It has a blue dial numbered with a unidirectional bezel which features an extended date window. The watch is water resistant up to 200 meters; meaning that it is the best watch for serious divers.

9. Bulova 98B208 Automatic Watch Bulova Men’s 98B209 Stainless Steel Automatic Watch with Black Rubber Band

This Bulova Men’s 98B208 Stainless Steel Automatic Watch is the self-winding type of watch designed with a silver tone, a black textured rubber band with a white textured dial. It has a stainless steel case with a mineral dial window. The watch further features a three-hand display with quartz movement.

8. Kenneth Cole New York Men's KC1514 Automatic Gunmetal Silver Kenneth Cole New York Men’s ‘Auto’ Automatic Stainless Steel and Leather Dress Watch

This type of Automatic Watch is usually self-powered with a silver finish. It has a guilloche outer dial and skeleton inner dial. This watch has an automatic self-wind movement with analog display. It has a pigskin leather band with tonal top stitching and buckle closure
This watch is water resistant for up to 30m (99ft). This feature means that it can withstand splashes and short time immersion in water but not suitable for swimming.

7. Invicta 9110 Pro Diver Invicta Men’s 9110 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch

This Invicta Men’s 9110 Diver Collection Automatic type of watch has a great black dial with luminous black hands. The date window is large enough for proper visibility with the date display at the 3 O’clock position. The watch has a stainless steel case, scratch resistant mineral crystal and screw down crown, it is water resistant up to 200 meters with several functions including divers, date, hours, minutes and seconds.
It is a great watch to have if you are engaging in water sports and marine activities.

6. GuTe Classic Automatic GuTe Classic Automatic Mechanical Wristwatch Skeleton Steampunk Golden Unisex Adult

The Gu Te Casual Men’s Black Steel Skeleton type of watch looks very classy with the golden dial. It is stylish and elegant. Besides, watch dials are available in different shapes, that is, triangle, square and more unique appearances.
Skeleton watch dial designs see through, has coated black glass dial with golden movement. What’s best with this watch is that it is made of high-quality stainless steel material.

5. Invicta 8927 Pro Diver Automatic Watch Invicta Men’s 8927 Pro Diver Collection Automatic Watch

Dependability seems to have met with style in this Invicta Men’s Pro 8927 Diver Collection Automatic Watch. This timeless watch is stylishly classic and has internal workings forged with great variations of bold movements.
Built with confident prowess, this quality time keeping instrument features a quality Japanese automatic movement. It is water resistant to up to 200 meters and features a mineral crystal with a magnifier glass.

4. Invicta Men’s Pro Diver Stainless Steel Automatic Watch Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver Analog Japanese-Automatic Stainless Steel Watch

This type of automatic watch for men is devised with a corrugated unidirectional bezel, an extended date window usually at 3 O’clock and luminous hands.
This automatic watch from Invicta’s Pro Diver collection has a large round stainless steel case attached to a steel bracelet. The black dial is meant for quick and easy read-off especially in low-light conditions. It is water resistant up to 200 meters.

3. Invicta 8928OB Pro Diver 23K Gold-Plated and Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic Watch Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver Gold Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic Watch

The Invicta Men’s 8928OB Pro Diver Automatic Watch is circular with a corrugated unidirectional bezel, a magnified date window, and trinity-coated luminous hands. It is the motion of the wearer’s hand that powers the watch.
The hands in Mercedes, Breguet-style logo shapes and sword add a note of distinction. This watch is rated water resistant to a full 200 meters.

2. Seiko Men’s SNK809 Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Black Canvas Strap Seiko Men’s SNK809 Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Black Canvas

The Seiko SNK809 Seiko 5 Automatic Watch remains distinguished. It is a round watch with a black dial and sword-shaped hands. The watch has a durable stainless steel case which also facilitates its being water resistant for up to 100 meters. This feature keeps the watch safe from rain and splashes.
An inner ring shows hours while an outer one shows minutes against a black dial. Seiko has a black canvas that is adjustable for comfortable fit.

1. Seiko Men's SNK805 Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Green Canvas Seiko Men’s SNK805 Seiko 5 Automatic Stainless Steel Watch with Green Canvas

This type of automatic watch in the Seiko series is usually a military inspired timepiece with a green dial. It has luminous accents and day/date functions. Besides, it has Arabic numerals, a highly durable fabric strap, automatic movement with analog display and green nylon strap with buckle closure.
The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters; meaning it can withstand splashes and rain but not suitable for swimming. Wearing it surely adds class and style.

Purchasing an automatic watch that best suits you can  take time. Therefore, the best way to start is to go through this review and understand different features in each model. Consider using a automatic watch wider with your new watch. You will make the best choice.

The 10 Best Automatic Watch Winders Reviewed

If you own a automatic watch (or even several), acquiring a watch winder can save you time and trouble. The reason is when you leave the watch idle for a couple of days, it stops. To set the time, you must first shake or wind it. This process requires the use of an automatic watch winder. Considering that most watch winders available in the market are either of low-quality or costly, there is need to identify the best product within your price range. This comprehensive Automatic Watch Winders review describes several affordable yet high-quality products to enable you to get value for money.

10. WOLF 270402 Heritage Double Watch Winder with Cover and Storage, Black WOLF 270402 Heritage Double Watch Winder with Cover and Storage, Black

This Double Watch Winder by Wolf heritage measures 12.75 inches by 7.75 inches by 8.75 inches and measures 9.3 pounds. Coming from a premier brand, this quality item is ideal for high-end watch enthusiasts. Besides having a stylish a leather exterior, the product features tempered glass cover that makes it a truly worthy purchase. The watch winder also comes with finely designed chrome metal clasps and control knobs, essentially making it easy to operate. It even contains a pre-programmed pause, rotation, and sleep modes. Surprisingly, you need the readily available lithium batteries or AC power to run this worthwhile watch winder.

9. Belocia Watch Winder Featuring Japanese Mabuchi Motor Belocia Watch Winder Featuring Japanese Mabuchi Motor

This product is a veritable bargain because besides being stylish in appearance, it comes with four programmable winding for all possible winding scenarios. Its elegant look contains bright contrast stitching that effectively creates an irresistible appearance. Additionally, Belocia can rotate both clockwise and anti-clockwise as well as alternatively between these two rotations. It is compact enough to carry around while traveling; the miniature design makes the product perfect for business travelers who desire a watch winder with a detachable power plug for on-the-go winding. Considering its modest price range, you don’t need the low-priced quartz watch; just acquire two of these winders, and you are good to go.

8. CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder with Two Quiet Mabuchi Motors, LCD Digital Screen

This double watch winder comes with a piano-baked wood exterior that is not only sleek and smooth to touch but also exceptionally charming. The twin Mabuchi motors below the soft tan pillows run twelve winding combinations through the LCD touchscreen. Adaptability is product’s most outstanding feature; the pad creates enough space to keep larger timepieces. What more would you ask from a watch winder that comes with customizable settings and an entire 12 winding combinations? That is what you will get when you buy Chiyoda Double Winder.

7. Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder in Black

This newly updated watch winder is best for people who are looking for an automatic product at a low price, the winder that provides precision without spoiling the watch. It allows you to wind two watches concurrently, eliminating the inconvenience of buying two winders for the same purpose. The product does not produce any sound when running, a feature that allows you to use your winder without causing any disturbance. It has three choices for direction setting; Clockwise, Anti-clockwise and multi-directional. The winder additionally contains four settings, labeled Turns Per day at 360, 650, 850 and 1050. Depending on how you set it, the winder can either turn for few minutes then take a break or pause for a while before repeating the cycle.

6. JQUEEN Double Watch Winder with Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor JQUEEN Double Watch Winder with Quiet Japanese Mabuchi Motor

The JQueen, which weighs in at 4.2 pounds, is a Japanese-designed automatic watch winder that delivers especially quiet operation. Some of its attractive features include Battery and AC power supply options, acrylic glass piano lacquer, and a high-quality copper transmitter. It contains four program modes as well as three direction settings complete with a several turn-in-a-day setting. Trust this watch winder to keep your watch always functioning well in storage. It’s dust proving feature is also remarkable.

5. Heiden Quad Watch Winder in Black Leather Heiden Quad Watch Winder in Black Leather

Heiden’s shiny piano-black casing is striking enough to augment your multitude of bezels. It allows you to set the four distinct turntables to diverse rotations and directions. It comes beautifully decked out in a black leather interior complete with watch pillows that ensure heavy duty watches run accurately. There are four super-simple to program (via an LCD control panel) presets varying from 650 all the way to 1850 turns per day. With such handy controls and control panel, you won’t have to move a lot when operating it.

4. Black Color Single Automatic Watch Winder With Built In IC Timer Black Color Single Automatic Watch Winder With Built In IC Timer

This Diplomat Watch Winder model reliably delivers precise winding of your watches. Despite being a single watch winder, the product comes with an inbuilt Smart IC Timer designed for all types of Automatic watches. The IC ensures your automatic watch is always properly wound and ready to be put on. It also controls the winder allowing it to rotate one hour and rest for 3 hours. With Diplomat Watch Winder, over winding a costly watch like Mavado/Rolex is not a concern; the product contains a built-in mechanism that protects your watch from such an undesirable eventuality.

3.  Volta 31-570041 Cambridge Wood Watch Winder  Volta 31-570041 Cambridge Wood Watch Winder

Volta Cambridge is noticeably stylish and features a sophisticated carbon fiber finish that contains 6 bays and 4 set, proving to be truly expedient for your entire watch set. Convenience is undoubtedly its exceptional feature thanks to an LCD screen that controls the motors and a belt-less winder whose role is to keep the product in excellent shape for several years. Sleep mode and speed winding are programmed. The product runs on the typical household adapter (100-240V), for added convenience, and comes with one year warranty.

2. Kendal Top Quality Single Wooden Watch Winder plus 2 Storage with Advanced Control & Reliable Japan Motor W1+2cbk Kendal Top Quality Single Wooden Watch Winder plus 2 Storage with Advanced Control & Reliable Japan Motor W1+2cbk

This watch winder runs smoothly and is powered by an AC receptacle, although you can also use batteries. Its exterior contains a high gloss finish created by a hand polish, and comes with three computer controlled winding modes. The structure includes a frontal compartment in which you can store there additional watches. So, if you travel a lot and hence would like a space in which you can lock your extra watches this watch winder caters for your needs. The base of the winder is rotatable allowing you to access the watches with ease.

1.  WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder with Cover, Black WOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder with Cover, Black

WOLF 270002 precisely fulfills the need for a watch winder that accurately can wind high-end watches besides offering quality operation and performance. Its design is wonderful and the fact it also comes with Mabuchi Motor means it deliver a silent operation. Besides, the winder’s gears are made of Nylon to further reduce the noise it produces. The rotations options include irregular spins with pausing and resting pre-programmed sessions.

All the best automatic watches need basic maintenance and cleaning to maintain excellent working condition.

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