Watches are an extremely vital part of a person’s attire. It not only keeps a person updated with time, but also is an accessory that one could flaunt with pride. These days technologies of various kinds are overflowing the market. New mechanisms and principles of functioning of a watch have overtaken the older and conventional ones. Watches originally started with limited techniques, the main one being a mechanical watch.

A mechanical watch is that which functions on the first techniques of watch making. There are two types of mechanical watches manual and automatic. Manual mechanical watches require you to wound the mainspring at regular intervals. Automatic watches consists of a mainspring that is be able to release energy and is wound during your movement through out the day. This activates the balance wheel that oscillates with the help of a balance spring at a set rate for transmitting impulse through escapement of lever through the gear. This shall divide impulse in hours, seconds and minutes. These make a ticking sound while operating. These time units are the oldest one’s and have been developed in Europe in 1600’s from the spring powered clicks. These watches tend not to be as accurate as quartz watches. They are worn now more for the love of them and the aesthetic appeal that they have, as a piece of jewelry, as one’s personal style statement rather than for their ability of keeping absolute perfect time. You can check out our post about affordable automatic watches for men.

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